Benefits of Trusted Playback

In the relationship between Media Content Owners and Digitization Service Providers, the Trusted Playback Service offers advantages for both parties.

Trusted Playback Dashboard

Media Content Owner
  • quality of playback devices used for digitization becomes transparent for the first time and can also be monitored continuously by the Content Owner
  • the expected quality of playback devices can be explicitly defined and may become part of the contract between both parties
  • automatic monitoring of compliance with defined quality standards [...]
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Certification of Digitization Services

Based on the Calibration-Inspector measurement results, the Trusted Playback online certification service was developed.

Quality control when digitizing analog media with the help of an online quality certification service

The service can on the one hand be used for internal quality management. On the other hand it can also become part of contracts between sound carrier owners who are striving for a mass digitization through outsourcing and service providers that offer this digitization service, and then be used as a means for quality surveillance. If, for example, an archive is planning to outsource the digitization of a large tape collection, it is now possible for the first time, through the use of the Calibration-Inspector system, to explicitly define the expected quality of the digitization within the respective service level agreement (SLA).

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Surveillance of Analog Playback Devices

Speed deviation in percent, measured for six reel-to-reel machines over a time period of six weeks

When large amounts of analog sound carriers need to be digitized, a significant improvement of quality surveillance as well as time savings can be achieved by the use of modern technology, especially when collections are recorded in standard formats and if they are of a mostly homogeneous technical quality.

Since analog playback devices are usually the most error-sensitive components in a digitization system, it is essential to supervise the quality of these devices.

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